A Day in My Life

I participated in Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life for the first time this year and loved it. I’ve been on a crafting and scrap booking bender lately and I love it. Crafting is happy place therapy for me. 

This was an enlightening project for me and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There was something engaging and very introspective about taking photos and documenting the day, minute by minute. During dull parts of the day I had a fun project to focus on and just doing something different helped me have a better day than normal.

One of the most interesting parts of the project was finding beauty or something worth photographing in so many places. Noticing the trees starting to bloom, feeling the breeze in my hair, even looking at the shiny paint on the cars in the parking lot brought me joy. 

I am full of gratitude for the colors in the world around me and the unexpected beauty and richness of my life. 

I expected to be dissatisfied or bored with my photos and notes, but instead I saw how full my life is. I was worried that my day would look dull or I would be discouraged when I compared my photos to others who did the project. But actually, I felt less envious of others and was surprisingly happy with how my photos turned out. I did some slight staging of things and I did take and delete lots of selfies- but overall, I think this is a good peek into my life. There is more clutter, more driving, and more sitting in my routine than is reflected here. 

By chance, this happened to be an interesting day; I got sent on a fun errand for work, actually had a new recipe planned for dinner, and the house was surprisingly clean. A Day in the Life is such a change of pace -documenting the everyday minutiae instead of big events. It allowed me to be present in my life, to search for the magic in the mundane. 

By the end of the day I felt tired and full. I had inhabited my body, not just my brain. My mind was full of words, colors, textures, and light. I felt grateful, humbled to be given so much, and content to live my love-filled life. 

A Fresh Start

I have been reading some of my old blog posts and I am shocked how by bad things were going. I was really depressed, frighteningly so, but some of my best writing came out of that hard time. I have unmired myself from many of those issues, so I haven’t felt the pressing need to write myself out like I did then. But I have been missing the writing and the catharsis of self expression.

So- I am making a new blog solely focused on my writing. Certainly, motherhood, marriage, depression and other topics will come into play again but they won’t be the focus.  I think I will tweak some of my earlier writing and blog posts and add them here after they are cleaned up, but I want this blog to be organized and representative of my creative self. I am working towards becoming a writer that actually writes. I am less of a tortured artist, but hopefully not totally devoid of talent. Thanks for joining me on the journey.