October Dress Project: Day 3

faceFeeling kinda ugly and depressed today, I decided I my bathroom selfies weren’t doing me any favors.  I planned to put on some make up and fix my hair and maybe add some accessories before taking my dress picture tonight. After all, I might have gone to work looking unattractive, but I didn’t want the whole internet to see me looking that way! But then I had a wonderful conversation about beauty, make-up, and how society sees women with my sister-in-law (and friend!), Julie. We talked about how we feel less than perfect without make-up and the unrealistic standard of beauty that is worshiped in our society. We talked about feeling so self-conscious when we were teenagers that we wouldn’t even go to the corner gas station without a hair and makeup session before hand. I’m glad I’m not like that anymore and I don’t want to ever feel like I am less than because of my physical appearance.

So my pictures today are what I really looked like after work. I straightened my clothes a bit and fluffed up my hair with my hands, but nothing else. I didn’t even edit the pictures. Hello, world! Judge me for being overweight, unfashionable, pale, or whatever you will. But my worth doesn’t lay in my looks or anything you can see with your eyes. My identity comes from He who is greater and who lives in me. It comes from my kind heart and my take charge attitude. It comes from 31 years of living, loving, and learning.  double selfie

3 thoughts on “October Dress Project: Day 3

  1. I’m glad you posted a “real” picture without prepping first. I could take a lesson or two from that! My pictures today are no make-up ones, and I have to remind myself IT DOESN’T MATTER. Or at least it shouldn’t. You’re right that beauty comes from within. I know girls who have lovely faces but don’t look pretty at all because they aren’t nice people. People like you don’t need make-up when you’re already glowing on the outside with your great attitude and friendliness! Best “foundation” out there.

  2. You’re the best, Lori! I feel you about the no make up thing….why does it feel like such a huge deal to post plain faced? Maybe this project will help us get over these feelings. 🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement.

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